about me/anna/20161101Hi there, I am Anna! I live in Helsinki Finland with my dog Chili, who is an elderly Rottweiler grandpa. I have lived Greece for many years and moved back to Finland some years ago. I love travelling, warm climate and am interested in different Cultures. In my twenties I also lived briefly in Gran Canaria and The Netherlands. Three years ago I had a wake-up call. I had been thinking I am too old for this and that and had given up on my dreams thinking they were silly and it was too late to start chasing them. Then finally I realized only my own mind restricts me. I started trying the stuff I had always wanted to do, one at a time.

There are many blogs written by and for younger audiences. I have  missed a blog written by a woman closer to my age with similar life situation. Haven’t found one so decided to start Writing one myself. This blog is focused (at least in the beginning, let’s see where the path will take us 🙂 ) on lifestyle, travelling and sports. I think you are never too old for anything and age is just a number.

Be yourself but be your best self. I hope to inspire you to try new things in life!

Welcome on board! I hope you enjoy the ride 🙂

You can reach me at:

xxx Anna

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